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Do you want to DITCH DIETING but still figure out how to LOOK & FEEL AMAZING in your body? 

Our 8 week Sustainable Fat Loss Formula is designed to help you:

  • Lose weight and keep it off while eating foods you love

  • Break free of diet rules and restrictions that lead to guilt and shame

  • ​Enjoy eating out again, vacations, and never feeling "off track"

  • Unlearn years of diet culture beliefs and behaviors that have prevented you from optimizing your metabolism

  • Create a plan completely customized to you, your preferences, and that you ENJOY so it's SUSTAINABLE

Next round starts in September!

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  • You’ve tried countless diets only to say screw it and revert back to your old ways.

  • You eat clean all week, then find yourself "cheating" on the weekend and then keep restarting every Monday, never seeming to make any progress.

  • You’ve been eating 1200 calories or eating “clean” and feel like your metabolism is broken.

  • You want to sit down at the table and be able to eat the same foods as your spouse and kids.

  • You’re sick of drinking shakes and eating bland, boring foods that never leave you satisfied. 

  • You want to be able to go to parties and on vacation and not fear or obsess about food. 

  • You’ve been eating low carb, but constantly struggle with cravings and lack energy and willpower.

  • You feel hopeless and feel like giving up because no matter what you try, nothing works.


Your are not broken. Those old diets were. It's time to ditch unsustainable approaches for good. In my Sustainable Fat Loss Formula group program you'll learn to free yourself from restrictive diets, obsessive thoughts about food, and instead, focus your time and energy on executing a plan that not only gets you results…but that you actually enjoy and sustain. This program will help you learn how to lose weight so you feel confident rocking those clothes tucked away in your closet again. You will never wonder "what diet to try next" again!


  • 8 weeks of LIVE group breakthrough Q&A coaching calls to reinforce what you're learning. Call times will be determined after all members take a poll to vote on times.

  • Personalized macronutrient and calorie goals to support you with fat loss, getting lean, and getting stronger.

  • Access to our exclusive app that makes it easy to track your progress and help you stay accountable with your nutrition.

  • 8 Weeks of workouts for at-home or the gym.

  • A private community of women who share many of the same goals and struggles as you. A community to ask questions, reach out for support, and CHEER EACH OTHER ON!

  • Weekly challenges to keep you motivated and having fun throughout the program

  • Over 8 hours of at-your-own pace trainings covering all things macros, metabolism, dining out, alcohol, exercise, and MORE!

You'll also get things like:​

  • Carb, Fat, & Protein Cheatsheets

  • Macro Friendly Meal & Snack Guides

  • Over 50+ Healthy Macro-Friendly Recipes

  • Eating Out Guide

  • Pre, Intra, and Post-workout Fueling Guide

  • My Fitness Pal Tutorials

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New to macros? This program is perfect for you. I'll be breaking down the science into easily digestible information to help you gain knowledge on how to lose fat sustainably and support your overall health and happiness in the process.


If you're an experienced tracker looking to understand more of the science of fat loss, building muscle and getting a lean and toned physique, setting your own macros, making adjustments, and reverse dieting, we'll be covering it all in this program. This program really is built for everyone!


I will be calculating your custom macro goals, teach you how I got these numbers, and why these numbers are a good starting point to help you in achieving your goals. I'll be teaching you when and how to make adjustments to your macros & how to shift into different phases of diet periodization to optimize your metabolism.


This program is jam-packed with value! You'll receive personalized guidance from me, accountability, support from a community of women and me, and you'll be able to easily assess and track your progress. You'll have access to workouts and we'll have weekly challenges with fun prizes to win. The best part is the education you'll take away for life. This way you can confidently navigate the future and never be left wondering, "what diet should I try next?"




  • Ditching the diet mindset to overcome barriers between you and your goals

  • Creating a routine and environment supportive of your goals

  • Breaking down the basics of macronutrients and how to use them to reach your goals in an easy, digestible way 

  • Simplify your meal planning and prepping so you always have staples to make balanced and delicious meals

  • Learn how to stay flexible and incorporate FUN in moderation (wine, pizza, ice cream, etc.) so you never feel deprived!

  • Learn to get in tune with your body and practice mindful eating skills that will help prevent uncomfortable bouts of overeating

  • Let go of defining your success and worth by a damn number on a scale

  • Learn how to troubleshoot things when you hit a plateau so you know what adjustments to make to keep moving forward

  • Learn to execute a reverse diet and eat for maintenance


Have you wanted to work with me 1:1, but been nervous about the investment or committing to 3 months?

​Well here's your chance to get personalized check-ins with me at a fraction of the investment for my 1:1 nutrition coaching. 

You can upgrade at checkout to VIP weekly email check-ins with me so I can look over your progress throughout the program, give you more specific feedback, and give you suggestions for adjustments or goals to work on.

When you choose this option, each week you'll fill out a check-in sheet for me the day prior to our check-in day. On your check-in day, I'll email you back answering your questions, empowering you with knowledge, and give you my suggestions and encouragement to help you progress more efficiently toward your goals. 

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Hi, I'm Brittani!

I’m a mom, wife, Dietitian, Army vet, and business owner and I have struggled with lack of motivation and feelings of unhappiness myself.

I know it can be hard to make yourself a priority. I know life can be so busy and overwhelming at times (let's be real... it's all the time haha)! 


When you've got so much on your plate, I know it can feel impossible to get started.

That's exactly why I've created this program. To help all you busy women uncomplicate your nutrition and fitness. It should be FUN and add to your life. Not take away. And that's what I'm going to do. Show you how to simplify fat loss, get your body moving, and take better care of you so you feel better, get healthier, and radiate that confidence you deserve!

Get on the list so you don't miss out on the next round starting in September!

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