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Learn to FUEL your body to FEEL
your BEST

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, get a more toned look, to PR in your sport, or improve your cholesterol and blood sugars, we've got the formula to help you!



In our nutrition coaching programs, we teach you how to tailor your diet in a way that will help you optimize your nutrition and help you build lasting habits to improve your overall health and reach your goals.
We will simplify your nutrition and help you learn how to eat proper portions, balance your meals, put a stop to emotional eating, and improve your self-talk, all while balancing in the foods you love.

There is no way to fail at this.

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Through flexible nutrition, mindful eating, and healthy lifestyle habits, we'll help you pave your way through the wild west of nutrition/diets so you learn to nourish you body so you have amazing energy, feel strong and healthy, hit PR's in your sport, and build a metabolism that works FOR YOU, not against you!

It’s possible to do this without feeling deprived and longing for the day you're DONE with another damn diet!

1:1 Coaching with us will empower you with knowledge, skills and give you the accountability and support to take action, reach your goals, and feel healthy, energized, and confident again!


01. 1:1 COACHING

We'll help you learn to fuel your body for your goals, get into a better routine, build healthier habits, hit PRs in your sport, and feel AMAZING!

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Find food freedom with others on a healthier lifestyle journey. Our Group Coaching offers an intimate setting, community, and will give you the support and accountability to start taking actions that align with your goals.

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Join our private community and learn, gain support, and become inspired and motivated to achieve your nutrition, health, and fitness goals. 

Work With Us


When you work with us, your health, happiness, and overall well-being become our goals, just as much as they are yours. Check out these testimonials from some of our amazing clients who invested in 1:1 coaching support to help them turn their goals and dreams into a reality!


"I am so happy to be down 45 pounds in 2 years, and I am even more grateful to Brittani for teaching me to be kind and patient towards myself while building a healthy relationship with food. For the first time ever I am not worried about gaining back lost weight because I know my habits and mindset have permanently shifted. I am so grateful to Brittani. She truly transformed my entire life, and I don't even know where I'd be at right now if I hadn't met her. I can’t even express enough how grateful I am. I had been through so many nutritionists and diets before starting with her, and she really was the only person who took the time to teach and help me the way I need. She really is an amazing nutritionist and person."


"I'm not obsessing over food anymore because my body is satisfied. I'm able to eat. I'm able to eat potatoes and bread and all those things that I wasn't eating before and I'm satisfied. And I'm eating way more calories than I've ever eaten. Who would have thought in a million years I would lose weight eating more calories. I'm blown away by how something like macros, counting the grams of protein and carbs that you eat every day can be the key. There's flexibility. You can live your life like this. I wish I had met someone like Brittani 30 years ago."



"I was in a dark place, after losing my sister and my mom in 2018. Depression set in, along with lack of sleep, my weight ballooned and I was lost. Brittani took me under her wing and watched me soar. Working with her provided me with the confidence, encouragement, and drive to get my life back. She not only (positively) helped me drop weight, my mental health improved too! Though I wasn't a heavy drinker, I ended up giving up alcohol in the process. I am grateful for her guidance, as she believed in me more than I believed in myself."


"I've learned how to fuel my body properly without missing out on the foods I love!  I am so proud that I am actually thinking about "what will keep me fuller" versus a quick fix snack.  Everything has changed so much for me that I never realized that this is truly a lifestyle that I love and I feel like there is so much more work to be done! This has been such an inspiring experience that I am so happy to share it with everyone.  I'm just hoping some people understand that yes maybe we want to lose weight, but most importantly we need to be healthy!"



"I'm all about the coaching profession for a reason! Super grateful for Nutrition Coach Brittani helping me put on some lean muscle the last few months. I was afraid putting on some extra weight would "slow me down" but I feel so much quicker with my movements in the gym. It's also really cool to know WHY I eat certain foods and how mindful eating can help me feel more satisfied so I don't pig out on Macadamia nuts and Chewy cookies all night. If you're ready to finally shed some stubborn belly fat, or gain some muscle, definitely give Coach Britt a call!"


"I did not only improve my weight, but I also improved my overall health. I learned how to give my body what it needs and in a way to do it without feeling so restrained. I was in a hard place mentally and just talking to you every week made me realize that small victories are actual victories. I feel like I am a happier and healthier person from just working with you! You really don't know how much you changed my life, not just physically but mentally. You really helped me through a lot and I can't thank you enough for that."



"Before working with Brittani, I was struggling to live a healthier lifestyle after college. With the stress of being an adult, I let those things go and before I knew it, I was in a place I wasn't happy with and knew I needed to do something about it. Since working with Brittani, I feel a lot more confident looking in the mirror, and I feel more comfortable with myself now. Brittani really guided me and helped me with the questions I had. She always gave me resources and information I needed and was always there for me."​


"Brittani has changed my life with her nutrition guidance! Took me from one-month postpartum with my third kid, to the leanest I've ever been. Never judgemental and always available for me. I've learned so much about how to fuel my body!"



"When I decided to reach out to Brittani, I felt like I had tried everything to lose weight. The weight-loss strategies that had worked for me when I was younger were no longer effective as I approached 40. I was frustrated, failing to hold myself accountable long enough to see results, and constantly criticizing myself and my body. I was tired of being tired, unhappy, and uncomfortable in my own skin. Brittani helped me to completely redefine my relationship with food. Instead of not eating in an effort to lose weight, I learned the importance of eating more, and more often. I learned how to properly fuel my body—what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat. My eating habits and my mindset have completely changed since working with Brittani! Brittani has one of the kindest, most genuine souls I've ever met! And on top of that, she is wildly knowledgeable, passionate about her work, and she made getting to the next best version of myself feel possible. She has been a constant source of encouragement, knowledge, and accountability for me."



With our high level of accountability and support, we'll be sure to get you taking action and see your goals through! Fill out a coaching application below to schedule a free call and learn more about how to get started.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching ranges from $250-$450/month depending
on the level of accountability and support you're looking for.

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